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Instructions for travellers from a high-risk country entering Liechtenstein

Entry into Liechtenstein

Persons entering Liechtenstein from a country or area with an increased risk of infection are subject to a 10-day quarantine obligation. The legal basis for this lies in the Swiss Epidemics Act, which is also valid in Liechtenstein via the Customs Treaty. The continuously revised list of these countries and further information can be found on the page Quarantine obligation for travellers of the Federal Office of Public Health of Switzerland.

Are you entering Liechtenstein from one of the countries listed? Then you must proceed as follows:

  • Immediately after entry, go to your home or other suitable accommodation (= where you can strictly separate yourself from other people - even in your own household). In public transport, all persons must wear a mask.
  • You must stay there permanently for 10 days after your entry. A negative Corona test does not shorten the quarantine period. Follow the instructions for quarantine.
  • Report your entry with the form Return journey from risk countries to the Health Office within two days. (Open the form, save it on your computer, fill it out, save it again and send it to us).
  • Follow the instructions of the authority.
  • Do you experience symptoms of illness after entering Liechtenstein? Take them seriously, call the test hotline (+423 235 45 32) and follow the instructions for isolation. This is the best way to protect yourself and your fellow human beings.